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I love Mareep, totally my favorite pokemon ♥

I've been on a pokemon kick lately. Got HeartGold a while ago, had a game but restarted because I suck, and now I think I'm doing okay.

Current team:

CHU - level 13 Togepi
SPIDERMAN - level 13 Spinarak
Rocky - level 13 (traded) Onyx
LUCY - level 14 Bellsprout
BETHERS - level 16 Flaafy (♥)
FIREPIT - level 18 Quilava

SPIDERMAN really sucks but I'm keeping him around to fight Morty. Morty one-shotted my team last time with his stupid Genger murrrr. So hopefully getting SPIDERMAN up will help.

Also once I'm getting a ditto I'm thinking of breeding togepi and quilava and stuff. Anyone want anything?

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Date: 2010-05-29 02:49 am (UTC)
solerika: (Agarte - Prism)
From: [personal profile] solerika
Voltorb flip totally pissed me off until I read that you only needed to find the 2s and 3s. Now it only sorta ticks me off. 8|

IIIIIIT'S MAREEEEPā™„ I have SoulSilver. We should totally trade. :Db

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Date: 2010-05-29 04:27 am (UTC)
solerika: (Gourry - Captain Jellyfish)
From: [personal profile] solerika
Ah, but you don't bet anything, so it's not technically gambling. Silly Nintendo of America. |D

I love how it goes from be a sheep into a dragon-thing. :'D I'm pretty well covered from sticking Chikoritas on the GTS and with my dad's help, but if you breed a Mareep with a fun moveset or even just good Pokeathlon stats, that works for me. :3 Actually, I might need a Spinarak... lol. <<;


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