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So. I meant to do this crazy thing called 'updating' but then I found this free MMO called Atlantica Online and I got sucked into it. I've been basically playing it nonstop for the past 3 days. I'll go into more detail on it later, but if anyone plays I'm Yeller the lvl 33 Cannoneer and Rockerette the lvl 10 Guitarist on Sikyon server.

And then it was 2:43 AM and I forgot what I was going to say. I think it might be sleep time.
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Once again, I am best updater. But ah, this time I have an excuse: my cousin Caitlin, Aunt Ginger, and Uncle Tony have come to visit. They came in Friday night and'll leave this Friday night. So it's been great seeing them but I've had very little time for computer.

But urgh I hate my work schedule. I only work Tuesdays and Fridays and I want to get Thursdays in but idk if I can. It's such a pain to go to work after having all this time off so I hope I can. Not that my work is all that exciting, but. I like being paid.

And not to keep complaining, but. I have had this awful sick thing since last Monday. It started as this nasty sore throat, then developed into a nasty sore throat + head cold + cough, and now it's down to head cold and a little bit of a cough. But ahdfhfbhf blowing my nose is so grosss aaah. Plz to be going away headcold ;; And then it's cooooold here aaah.

But derp derp besides work schedule + cold things are going pretty well. Later I will ramble more about games I bought during Steam's summer sale.
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So we (me, my mum, my dad, my sister, her friend Emma, and cutie [personal profile] vangirl) came back from Disneyland Saturday night. But since I am BEST UPDATER I decided not to update until now |D;;

SO IT WAS VERY VERY FUN. My feet are not so pleased, but going on rides with Beth was definitely worth it ♥

But oh my Goood I saw this man, balding and in his 50s, who had a shirt on that said 'Jewish Boys Are Hot'. SO MUCH DO NOT WANT YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW DDD:

But~ Since getting back me and cutie we went on an Indiana Jones binge since I hadn't seen the movies. The first was pretty good, the second was... super violent, oh man. Also 'Willy' or whatever was so annoying :E but third was pretty good too.

AND COMING UP SOON: pokemon team and updates

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whoop whoop forgot about the updating thing


+ I AM OUT OF SCHOOL! I don't graduate till the 11th but I finished my courses + finals last Tuesday so awww yeah no school for me 8)
+ I have a job! Or, I will be starting on soon (the 25th). So far my schedule is Tues, Thurs, and Fri from 10am - 3pm, which is an awesome start. May ask for Weds once I get used to it.
+ Gearing my DK up for some PVP. There's this group of Alliance jerks (both horde and alliance hate them) that occasionally raid SMC + Org, so I'm gearing up to kickass. Aw yeah.
+ [personal profile] vangirl is coming to visit me on Thursday holy shit holy shit ♥♥♥ I get her for two whole weeks and it's going to fucking rock.
+ I BEAT MORTY IN POKEMON AW YEAH. Stantler + Gyardos = pwnage

and yeah that's pretty much it. i took skif for a walk today and it was nice, the weather's been great.

also sleeping in until whenever = fucking rad
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So a million years ago (aka on the 5th) my cutie Bethy interviewed me but I was super cool and forgot to respond. SO HERE IT IS. Tell me if you want an interview :3

behind here~ )

Unrelated to memes I am almost done with school. Oh my gooood I cannot wait. And~! I have a very lovely girl coming out for my graduation in 2 weeks and I am v. v. excited ♥
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Yeah so I meant to make this post earlier but whoops.

I'm pretty much done with LJ. I'll crosspost my entries in case anyone's curious, but I'm really not going to be on LJ anymore. It's been a good 5-6 years, but I'm really sick of all the ads and the drama that LJ has.

Username is the same on DW, so it'd be pretty swell if you guys could friend me on here/join here/etc. It's been great knowing you guys, and I hope everything works out for y'all in life.

Take care everyone.


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