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Aug. 19th, 2010 01:19 am
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Oh my goodness. I found my old reading glasses today and put them on and wow. I can see text like, 100 times better now.

Also they make me feel like a librarian.

A sexy librarian.

ALSO GIP. because largoooo ♥♥♥ does not get enough ♥ and needs more
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Man, updating. I kinda suck hardcore at it.

So, I'll cover the important things, I guess.

+ I left my job. It was too long a day and too stressful for me, but we parted on good terms, and my last day was really good. Amanda took me out to lunch and it was really nice talking to her. And I get to use them as a reference, too.

+ I have a group I go to on Wednesdays, and I met a really nice girl named Talia there. We have so much in common, it's amazing. It's been a while since I've had an offline friend so... this is really nice. And I loaned her Abyss, so hopefully I can get her hooked on that.

+ I've started a Mindbloom tree, and I'm really liking it. It's very relaxing, low pressure stuff. So if you want an invite/have a tree, give me your email and I'll add you :3

+ I've started playing my old Dragon Warrior III game again. I loved it as a kid. I never even got to the first dungeon because I got lost all the time, but I still loved it. It didn't help that sometimes they were kinda vague on what to do and it required a bit of searching. But, current party (probably won't change it):

Luke - female (whoops >>) hero lvl 13
Tear - female cleric lvl 14
Guy - male fighter lvl 14
Van - male warrior lvl 15

My team is actually pretty beastly. I think I need to do a bit of grinding before I go on to the next dungeon (I'm on... shit, don't remember, but it gives me a magic key), but Tear is an amazing healer and everyone else is strong, so it works out.

Okay... I think that's basically the most important/interesting things that have happened recently. I've been kinda, emotional lately, but it's getting better. Having a wonderful, lovely, incredibly supportive girlfriend helps, too ♥

I want to get back into the habit of updating this, even if it's just something pointless. It's good to get things out of my head.
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Once again, I am best updater. But ah, this time I have an excuse: my cousin Caitlin, Aunt Ginger, and Uncle Tony have come to visit. They came in Friday night and'll leave this Friday night. So it's been great seeing them but I've had very little time for computer.

But urgh I hate my work schedule. I only work Tuesdays and Fridays and I want to get Thursdays in but idk if I can. It's such a pain to go to work after having all this time off so I hope I can. Not that my work is all that exciting, but. I like being paid.

And not to keep complaining, but. I have had this awful sick thing since last Monday. It started as this nasty sore throat, then developed into a nasty sore throat + head cold + cough, and now it's down to head cold and a little bit of a cough. But ahdfhfbhf blowing my nose is so grosss aaah. Plz to be going away headcold ;; And then it's cooooold here aaah.

But derp derp besides work schedule + cold things are going pretty well. Later I will ramble more about games I bought during Steam's summer sale.
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SO. Steam is having a very very excellent summer sale, so I've been looking at games. And then I noticed! Oh goodness, they have a The Last Remnant demo. [personal profile] cypher has written some fic about it, so I decided to try.

So far: it takes a little getting used to (it took me way too long to figure out how to attack first >>), but it's fun. It's turn-based battling, but instead of individual units, you control 'unions,' which is a team of like... 10 characters. And you tell them to all fight, or all heal, or do both, etc etc. It's kinda interesting.

Also, David and Rush are really pretty. Really, really pretty.

So I'm thinking of getting it, but it's $40, and unlikely to get reduced (there's a whole Squeenix bundle, but it's like, $75 and I don't want any other games), so I'm all murrr since I've already spent $30 on games. Though, I do have a job now, so I have an income, and I did get a lot of money for graduation...

HM. What do you guys think?
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So I finished up FLCL with [personal profile] vangirl today. I had already seen it (she hadn't), but I had forgotten a lot of things.

cut for spoilers and rambling )

FLCL icon whoo.
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man i hate when some bitch is riding on my friend but i shouldn't get involved/it's too late to get involved.

fuck that shit.

but life is same as always yes. school is gonna be over soon and i am excited. econ sucks. can't finish fast enough.

also dang i hate it when i forget things. i was going to write more but i totally don't remember.

i am so hungry right now.

i should go to bed yeah. take care all.


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