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I figured I better get this going right away before I lose my drive to do it. Comments are more than desired.

Edit: AHAHAHA! I have no idea what I'm doing. How do I get the text to show up as white. Aaaaah...

Son of Edit: Okay, whew. That's solved.


The Paladin’s Tale

I had been there since they’d brought Drake back from Sylpheed City.

Prince Drake Draeger, my youngest half-brother, was now lying in his bed, clinging desperately to life. And over a misunderstanding, at worst. He had fallen from a balcony in Sylpheed palace during an argument with his betrothed. The railing he had been leaning against had splintered beneath his weight. I sighed as I ran a hand through my pitch dark hair, waiting anxiously for our healer to return. She’d seen the Princess of Sylpheed off, back to her own nation.

Back to her own nation, because my little brother refused to believe that she hadn’t betrayed him. I believed her because I understood the politics behind her choices. They loved each other, truly, but the engagement had been allowed to continue because Drake was the Prince of a redeveloping nation and she was the Princess of a nation who would be our allies. Drake had not spent his life learning proper husbandry and diplomacy. She had, and so had I. There was little to no chance that a Princess in her standing would jeopardize a political marriage of this caliber- especially one that she’d wanted. Princess Aninala knew better. The problem was that Prince Drake did not.

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Hi. Sorry I vanished. I kind of... just... had life destroy me for a long while.

I'm actually posting here for a specific purpose. I'm going to try to post daily updates, but I also want to post the novel I'm working on. I'm posting it over on tumblr (joshuaorrizonte over there too, it's where I live, lol... sob...) but I'm not getting any feedback there and I desperately want feedback, so I'm going to post it here, too.

In terms of life, I've been on and off temp jobs since I was laid off my job of 13.5 year... Hoping desperately for a permanent job soon. I need benefits and sick time. For example, I just missed 2 days of last week due to severe pink eye, and a day and a half to the allergic reaction I had to the antibiotic for the pink eye. (That was NOT a fun two weeks, but my eyes are almost finally back to normal! Steroids are my friends...)

I'm also going on vacation tomorrow. Gonna go to Cape May. Gonna go to Cape May Zoo. Gonna see red pandas. And if I can figure out how to DO it, gonna post pictures of said red pandas.

Sorry for disappearing for so long. I mean it. Hopefully I didn't burn any bridges by doing so.


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