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Okay, so. Tuesday, I go into work, but I'm still sick. Since I technically work in the food industry, I'm not allowed to work sick, so they uh, sent me home right away. But since it's in SF I hung out with my dad at work for a while, 'cause fuck barting all the way home after being in work for two minutes.

But it's not that bad, it turned okay and everything, no big deal. So I'm supposed to go in tomorrow, but if I'm still sick I can't. I don't want to go all the way to SF again and then have to leave. But my mom's trying to figure out ways for me not to cough/sneeze/look sick, but it's just. I want to go work, I do. But Alice said that sometimes people who go through chemo come in and buy white or green tea and I do not want to fuck around with that.

I like my job, and I like getting paid, and I want to go to work, but I don't want to make anyone else sick. I went in last Thursday and I was hella sick and I think I just grossed all my coworkers and stuff.

Ugh. I love my mom, but she is so just. She's really controlling and she drives me crazy but muuuurgh. It's fine that she wants me to work, I want to work, but I know she's going to bug me to going into work tomorrow even if I'm not better.



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