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So my mom and I like the watch the show Say Yes to the Dress together, and sometimes we talk about weddings.

She has decided my dog Skif is going to be a part of mine.

My mom is so adorably crazy.
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Hurr hurr, I made the first non-mod post at [community profile] tales_100 here and I'm feeling stupidly proud of it |D;; I think narrowing it down to 100 words took longer to write than the actual fic.

But aah~ it was nice having my family out, but after week after week of people coming out (family + [personal profile] vangirl in one week, just the next ♥, a free week, and then more family), I'm kinda relieved to just chill out. Too many people, oh goodness.

Also, I finally get to go back to work tomorrow after not working for a week. Pretty pumped for it. ALSO I AM FINALLY OVER MY COLD, THANK GOD. ;A; Took over a week, but I am fiiinally free.

Thank you gods of headcolds for freeing me from your wrath ;A;
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Okay, so. Tuesday, I go into work, but I'm still sick. Since I technically work in the food industry, I'm not allowed to work sick, so they uh, sent me home right away. But since it's in SF I hung out with my dad at work for a while, 'cause fuck barting all the way home after being in work for two minutes.

But it's not that bad, it turned okay and everything, no big deal. So I'm supposed to go in tomorrow, but if I'm still sick I can't. I don't want to go all the way to SF again and then have to leave. But my mom's trying to figure out ways for me not to cough/sneeze/look sick, but it's just. I want to go work, I do. But Alice said that sometimes people who go through chemo come in and buy white or green tea and I do not want to fuck around with that.

I like my job, and I like getting paid, and I want to go to work, but I don't want to make anyone else sick. I went in last Thursday and I was hella sick and I think I just grossed all my coworkers and stuff.

Ugh. I love my mom, but she is so just. She's really controlling and she drives me crazy but muuuurgh. It's fine that she wants me to work, I want to work, but I know she's going to bug me to going into work tomorrow even if I'm not better.

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So we (me, my mum, my dad, my sister, her friend Emma, and cutie [personal profile] vangirl) came back from Disneyland Saturday night. But since I am BEST UPDATER I decided not to update until now |D;;

SO IT WAS VERY VERY FUN. My feet are not so pleased, but going on rides with Beth was definitely worth it ♥

But oh my Goood I saw this man, balding and in his 50s, who had a shirt on that said 'Jewish Boys Are Hot'. SO MUCH DO NOT WANT YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW DDD:

But~ Since getting back me and cutie we went on an Indiana Jones binge since I hadn't seen the movies. The first was pretty good, the second was... super violent, oh man. Also 'Willy' or whatever was so annoying :E but third was pretty good too.

AND COMING UP SOON: pokemon team and updates



Jun. 9th, 2010 11:11 pm
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will be gone for ~2 weeks (or at least rather inactive) as my cutie [personal profile] vangirl is coming out and we are going to be very busy snuggling



am graduating Friday! (that is why she + extended family oh goodness is coming out) I will officially be a high school graduate.

I am fucking pumped does not even cover it.


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