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2011-03-17 03:22 pm

(no subject)

so uhh. this a thing i actually update, if anyone wants to read it, or anything.

i hope you are all doing well.
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2011-01-30 09:32 pm

so this is a thing

I haven't updated in... a while. But, uhh. I don't, usually comment, or, things, but.

I am reading, and I am thinking of you guys.

Just so you know.
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2010-11-27 11:31 pm

In which I am overly sensitive and privileged

Am I wrong for being uncomfortable with the phrase: ...ftms are always so delectable. >,>;; ?

I am not FtM, I cannot speak for a group I am not in. But the fetishization of a group makes me so uncomfortable. It is not saying you like an aspect of the group (in this case, androgyny), which is fine; people have preferences, etc. But saying a group is 'delectable' is reducing them to nothing more than a sexual object.

Perhaps I am being over-sensitive on this. It is a group I am not a part of, it is not my place to speak to them.

I think I am alienating myself from a group of friends with this. And with taking issue with someone demanding to see the eye socket of someone missing an eye.

I feel like I am setting myself up for a fall here.

i think i am becoming mildly bisexual, but only for [fictional character]

I just. Ugh. Fuck.
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2010-10-22 11:30 pm

but you like it so say thank you

So my mom and I like the watch the show Say Yes to the Dress together, and sometimes we talk about weddings.

She has decided my dog Skif is going to be a part of mine.

My mom is so adorably crazy.
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2010-08-19 12:50 pm

i am like the code master

okay so

DW just sent me 14 CODES so uh

does anyone want one? 8D;;

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2010-08-19 01:19 am

yay seeing

Oh my goodness. I found my old reading glasses today and put them on and wow. I can see text like, 100 times better now.

Also they make me feel like a librarian.

A sexy librarian.

ALSO GIP. because largoooo ♥♥♥ does not get enough ♥ and needs more
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2010-08-16 06:00 pm
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excuse me while i refresh constantly

SO. I have two RP accounts I want to play with, [personal profile] notabrat on DW and [ profile] notspoiled on LJ, both pre-Akzeriuth Lukes.

If anyone wants to play with me sometime, that'd be super swell, 'cause the dressing rooms are kinda dead over on LJ and DW doesn't really uh, have much.

I'm so bored ;~;
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2010-08-12 11:56 pm
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since this luke is now more useful than trolling...

Does anyone know any Abyss or dressingroom-like roleplay communities on DW? I'm thinking about getting back into RP.
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2010-08-12 12:36 am

you think you're cooler than me

Man, updating. I kinda suck hardcore at it.

So, I'll cover the important things, I guess.

+ I left my job. It was too long a day and too stressful for me, but we parted on good terms, and my last day was really good. Amanda took me out to lunch and it was really nice talking to her. And I get to use them as a reference, too.

+ I have a group I go to on Wednesdays, and I met a really nice girl named Talia there. We have so much in common, it's amazing. It's been a while since I've had an offline friend so... this is really nice. And I loaned her Abyss, so hopefully I can get her hooked on that.

+ I've started a Mindbloom tree, and I'm really liking it. It's very relaxing, low pressure stuff. So if you want an invite/have a tree, give me your email and I'll add you :3

+ I've started playing my old Dragon Warrior III game again. I loved it as a kid. I never even got to the first dungeon because I got lost all the time, but I still loved it. It didn't help that sometimes they were kinda vague on what to do and it required a bit of searching. But, current party (probably won't change it):

Luke - female (whoops >>) hero lvl 13
Tear - female cleric lvl 14
Guy - male fighter lvl 14
Van - male warrior lvl 15

My team is actually pretty beastly. I think I need to do a bit of grinding before I go on to the next dungeon (I'm on... shit, don't remember, but it gives me a magic key), but Tear is an amazing healer and everyone else is strong, so it works out.

Okay... I think that's basically the most important/interesting things that have happened recently. I've been kinda, emotional lately, but it's getting better. Having a wonderful, lovely, incredibly supportive girlfriend helps, too ♥

I want to get back into the habit of updating this, even if it's just something pointless. It's good to get things out of my head.
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2010-08-05 12:21 am

there is no wrong shape for a woman

This is me. This is my tummy. For years, I have hated it. I'll suck in my stomach and say, "if I could only get here, I'd be happy..."

No more of that. I am showing the world my belly. I am 5'2" and 165.5 lbs. I will not be the skinny girl I once was as a child. Maybe I'll lose weight, maybe I'll gain some. It doesn't matter. Accepting my belly for what it is, loving it, the only way I'll ever be happy with who I am.

This is me. This is my tummy. If you have a problem with it, screw you :)

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2010-08-04 02:01 pm

(no subject)




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2010-08-02 12:56 am

warning: super lesbian mushy time within

So TODAY~ (actually 57 minutes ago but shh) is the 20 month anniversary of [personal profile] vangirl ♥ Happy anniversary, sweetie~ ♥


...if it isn't obvious, i love sharks |D;;
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2010-07-30 06:30 pm
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It's been a week so I should probably update but my life just, isn't really worth updating about. I don't really like my job, and most of my free time is spent talking to Bethy and playing Atlantica Online.

I kind of want to change up my icons a bit but I'm lazy and I just don't. care enough.

Cody, our Australian Shepherd, got his fur cut 'cause it's been hot and he's been itchy. But they shaved him so he's really funny looking now. They didn't shave his head so it looks really big cause his body's all tiny now. He kinda looks like a puppy now.
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2010-07-23 10:22 pm
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Oh man. I just finished reading through Homestuck and oh dang. That is some super crazy shit.

I highly recommend it, it's pretty weird at some parts but really awesome. The first act is kind of boring, but it gets a lot better as it goes on.

Though Now I Feel Like Talking Like This Because Of The Virgo Troll
But It Does Not Feel The Same Way As Reading Her Text Instead of Typing It
It Is Pretty Unfortunate
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2010-07-18 08:29 am
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maybe, kids don't need the masters...

So last night I had a dream FLCL was actually 26 episodes, and I had found the rest and was watching the thirteenth episode.


I wish they'd make an FLCL movie. The ending was so unsatisfying.
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2010-07-12 11:41 pm

excuse me while i boost my own things

Hurr hurr, I made the first non-mod post at [community profile] tales_100 here and I'm feeling stupidly proud of it |D;; I think narrowing it down to 100 words took longer to write than the actual fic.

But aah~ it was nice having my family out, but after week after week of people coming out (family + [personal profile] vangirl in one week, just the next ♥, a free week, and then more family), I'm kinda relieved to just chill out. Too many people, oh goodness.

Also, I finally get to go back to work tomorrow after not working for a week. Pretty pumped for it. ALSO I AM FINALLY OVER MY COLD, THANK GOD. ;A; Took over a week, but I am fiiinally free.

Thank you gods of headcolds for freeing me from your wrath ;A;
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2010-07-12 02:22 am

why hello 2:30 am what are you doing here

So. I meant to do this crazy thing called 'updating' but then I found this free MMO called Atlantica Online and I got sucked into it. I've been basically playing it nonstop for the past 3 days. I'll go into more detail on it later, but if anyone plays I'm Yeller the lvl 33 Cannoneer and Rockerette the lvl 10 Guitarist on Sikyon server.

And then it was 2:43 AM and I forgot what I was going to say. I think it might be sleep time.
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2010-07-07 06:49 pm
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i can't wait to move out sometimes

Okay, so. Tuesday, I go into work, but I'm still sick. Since I technically work in the food industry, I'm not allowed to work sick, so they uh, sent me home right away. But since it's in SF I hung out with my dad at work for a while, 'cause fuck barting all the way home after being in work for two minutes.

But it's not that bad, it turned okay and everything, no big deal. So I'm supposed to go in tomorrow, but if I'm still sick I can't. I don't want to go all the way to SF again and then have to leave. But my mom's trying to figure out ways for me not to cough/sneeze/look sick, but it's just. I want to go work, I do. But Alice said that sometimes people who go through chemo come in and buy white or green tea and I do not want to fuck around with that.

I like my job, and I like getting paid, and I want to go to work, but I don't want to make anyone else sick. I went in last Thursday and I was hella sick and I think I just grossed all my coworkers and stuff.

Ugh. I love my mom, but she is so just. She's really controlling and she drives me crazy but muuuurgh. It's fine that she wants me to work, I want to work, but I know she's going to bug me to going into work tomorrow even if I'm not better.

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2010-07-06 08:55 am

i need to eat breakfast

Once again, I am best updater. But ah, this time I have an excuse: my cousin Caitlin, Aunt Ginger, and Uncle Tony have come to visit. They came in Friday night and'll leave this Friday night. So it's been great seeing them but I've had very little time for computer.

But urgh I hate my work schedule. I only work Tuesdays and Fridays and I want to get Thursdays in but idk if I can. It's such a pain to go to work after having all this time off so I hope I can. Not that my work is all that exciting, but. I like being paid.

And not to keep complaining, but. I have had this awful sick thing since last Monday. It started as this nasty sore throat, then developed into a nasty sore throat + head cold + cough, and now it's down to head cold and a little bit of a cough. But ahdfhfbhf blowing my nose is so grosss aaah. Plz to be going away headcold ;; And then it's cooooold here aaah.

But derp derp besides work schedule + cold things are going pretty well. Later I will ramble more about games I bought during Steam's summer sale.
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2010-07-01 05:38 pm

recognising and accepting my privilege

Okay, I said I wouldn't crosspost anymore, but this is important, and I want to get it out to more than three people.

[ profile] glorious has had some recent posts on privilege, racism, and the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. She basically said everything I wanted to say, and better than I ever could, but I need to get this out.

I am a white, able-bodied women who comes from an affluent background. I have a lot of privilege. A lot of that privilege is out of my control: I did not choose my skin tone, background, or my lack of disabilities. I am grateful for what I have, because it is a lot better than what others have.

Recognising my privilege has been a hard thing for me. Which is ridiculous, honestly, but I was embarrassed by having it so I ignored it for a long time. I didn't choose what I had, so I didn't want to believe I had it. It's not my fault I have privilege, but because I have it, I have to deal with it.

Everyone has some level of privilege. Can you walk? See? Do people not cluth their bags and wallets when you're near? Do you not get reported for looking 'suspicious'? Then, you have some level of privilege.

But having privilege is not this evil, feel guilty thing. You don't have control over what you have and don't have when you're born. What's important is to recognise what you have. If you can walk and run places normally, you might not think about what it's like to have to wheel yourself everywhere. You don't have to look for ramps, or curbs, or counters being too high. And it's not something you, as an able-bodied person, have to think about all the time. But when someone in a wheelchair says, "I want ramps for my school, or the park, or the supermarket," it's time to think about what you have. I'm not saying, go on a super crusade for ramps for wheelchairs. I mean, look at what you can do. Realise that you don't have to worry about that daily, and accept it. Maybe help out.

But for the love of all that is holy, do not belittle that person. Do not tell them they are overreacting, or oversensitive, or just looking to be offended. There are times when people do overreact to things, but there are far more times where something serious happens to that group of people and the ones without that disadvantage say, "you're overreacting, you're being oversensitive." That is not, and will not, ever be okay.

And now, to tie this into Avatar:

I, personally, have never watched Avatar (except maybe a few minutes). I do, however, know many people that love it. Avatar is a cartoon set in a fictionalized East-Asian area. Everything about this show is East-Asian. Including the characters. I'm not going to bring up pictures right now, but it is pretty obvious that the characters are not white. And also pretty damn obvious that the culture is not Western. Even some of them "look white" (skintone =/= race, by the way), it does not mean they are white. So when you replace the four main characters with pretty blonde white people, that is not okay. And when people get pissed so you replace the bad guy with an Indian guy? Still not fucking okay. He may end up being a "good guy," but it still takes the nice white people to show the misguided brown person the right way. And the nice white people save all the poor colored people, too. They can't do anything for themselves for thank God for the white people.

I realise this will probably have little effect on people who want to see the movie. This entry will probably not change anyone's opinion. This entry probably will get a response for my girlfriend, or maybe a "it's just a movie" response.

But before you see this movie, but before you spend money on it and fund racism, think about this:

If you are white, think about all the media you are in. You are represented in books (for children and adults), in TV shows, in movies, in video games, in toys, in cartoons, in everything. Think about the amount of shows, and movies, and games that feature predominantly colored characters. Avatar was one of them.

So before you whine about how all this "drama" is ruining the movie for you, think about the people who had the movie ruined for them because M. Night Shyamalan decided to whitewash the whole thing.